But first ...

A Brief Theology on Reading

Some people love it. 

Others hate it. 

Yet, at the end of the day the unavoidable truth still stands: God spoke to us through a book.

And it is through reading that God

  • Shapes our minds, hearts and lives.  
  • Strengthens our souls as we are reminded of truth.  
  • Grows us in the knowledge of Himself  
  • Renews our minds to know His will.  


That is why Pastor John Piper boldly claims: "Reading is more important to me than eating." (and we all know how much John Piper loves eating #grapenuts)

...But when it comes to reading, we face two problems...


1. Reading with No Intention  

  • AKA - "Lots of info. Little insight."  

  • Question: Is reading worthwhile if we open a book, recite the words, but not comprehend it?  
  • Is reading worthwhile if we can read a book from front to back, tell ourselves (and others) that we've read it, but forget it all next week?  
  • See, the goal of reading is not reading. The goal of reading is leading.  
  • And leadership only happens when we allow fresh insights to shape our lives.  
  • By intentionally reading to lead our minds into a deeper understanding of God, we can then lead others after. When we stop reading for the sake of reading, we can start reading for the sake of leading.  


  • The goal of reading is not reading. The goal of reading is leading.  

2. Reading with No Time  

  • AKA - "So many books. So little time."  

  • With so many book recommendations, we find ourselves lamenting: "Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh!" (Perhaps said in different words).

  • The struggle we face is recognizing that:  
  • 1) There are too many books to read
  • 2) We are called to steward our time the best we can  
  • The solution then is not reading every book, but reading every book as effectively as possible.  

We were hoping you would ask. 

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The Acceleration Program

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TCB Digital Library

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