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Welcome to TCB’s Christian book review page. With 10,000 Christian books being published yearly, our mission is to help you reach for the right book. We connect you to the top Christian books through book recommendations, book reviews, book giveaways and more.

You’ll find our latest book reviews on Christian living books, theology books, philosophy books, apologetics books and more. Use the search bar below to quickly find a book review you’re searching for. Or, consider submitting your own book review!

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Hiding Place Book Review

The Hiding Place Book Review by Lauren Dunn   There are many books I’ll never read. Some I shouldn’t. Some I should have a long time ago. When I first cracked the cover of The Hiding Place, I couldn’t figure out why it had taken me so long to decide [...]

Christian Book Review: Prototype by Jonathan Martin

I still remember. The complete ecstasy in the freedom I felt as a child, knowing I was completely loved by my father, completely adored by mother, and completely oblivious to the darkness of this world. Time has passed since then and the pain of this broken world is now no stranger to [...]

Christian Book Review: Counterfeit Gods by Timothy J. Keller

A former pastor in Manhattan, New York, and a prolific writer, Keller writes with incredible clarity on the biblical concept of idolatry in his book Counterfeit Gods. This book promises to engage the non-believing seeker and to convict the believer, identifying the pattern of idolatry in the bible and modern culture, and [...]


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