Preaching With Passion Book Review
Book Reviews / November 28, 2017

What is the greatest danger for conservative, bible-based preachers who are committed to solid exposition every week? According to Dr. Alex Montoya, Pastor of First Fundamental Bible Church, the greatest danger is a lack of passion. ... Read more

A Christian Manifesto Book Review
Book Reviews / October 19, 2017

It seems like nobody really knew what was happening until it happened. With seemingly lightning speed, court cases, corporate memos, and unexpected political candidates began pushing Judeo-Christian ethics to the outskirts of political discussion. Any perspective that advocated godly sexuality, personal responsibility, or true civil liberty became anathema almost overnight. What is the driving force behind this extreme change and what should Christians do about it? This is the central question that Francis Schaeffer answers in A Christian Manifesto. ... Read more

Restoring What Is Broken in Me, You, and The Entire World
Book Reviews / September 26, 2017

"There are things that need to change in me; they just won’t be changed by feeling bad about myself or trying really hard to fix them. That isn’t how wholeness works. The journey of wholeness is not a self-improvement project. It’s a journey of loss, trust, transformation, and eventually hope.” - Whole by Steve Wiens. ... Read more

Kingdom Come Book Review
Book Reviews / August 23, 2017

I would not put this on the "must read" list for pastors. However, this is not to downgrade the work. It is extremely valuable especially for those still wrestling with their eschatology or who want to understand the Amillenial perspective. Storms does a superb job on outlining the amillenial, postmillenial, and premillenial perspectives. The book can be difficult to read at times simply for the fact that most pastors are probably not as up on their eschatology as Storms (I know I'm not!). ... Read more

George Whitefield Book Review
Book Reviews / August 11, 2017

Biographies are something we all need to read more of. Reading about a great man of faith who lived in a different time period than you should help cultivate humility in your life as well as encouraging, convicting, and challenging you in your walk. ... Read more

Hiding Place Book Review
Book Reviews / August 10, 2017

There are many books I’ll never read. Some I shouldn’t. Some I should have a long time ago. When I first cracked the cover of The Hiding Place, I couldn’t figure out why it had taken me so long to decide to read it. I also didn’t know that this very book would become one of the most riveting and absorbing stories I will ever read. ... Read more

Christian Book Review: Prototype by Jonathan Martin
Book Reviews / May 21, 2017

Christian Book Review: Prototype by Jonathan Martin I still remember. The complete ecstasy in the freedom I felt as a child, knowing I was completely loved by my father, completely adored by mother, and completely oblivious to the darkness of this world. Time has passed since then and the pain of this broken world is now no stranger to me. Depression and anxiety marked my soul early on, eclipsing for the moment any memory of my unadulterated childlike joy. Jonathan Martin, pastor of Renovatus Church, writes this book to call me back to that joy. And he does it well.     I hadn’t heard of Martin prior to reading this book, but I’m glad I have now. I admire Martin’s unique giftedness when it comes to writing — his ability to tell a story so compellingly and winsomely that I couldn’t stop reading. In many ways, Jonathan’s story is my story. He writes vividly of the innocence of his childhood, a time of imagination, joy, and wonder. On his bike, he would ride around the cul-de-sac, transporting magically in time, conjuring fantasies that swept him up to God with each pedal — until the reality of this world’s brokenness… Read more

Christian Book Review: Counterfeit Gods by Timothy J. Keller
Book Reviews / July 21, 2016

Idolatry, Keller writes, is taking anything — relationships, power, success, money — and making it an ultimate thing. Idolatry is prioritizing anything over God, and frankly, anything can serve as an idol. Idolatry is a counterfeit god. This may seem puzzling to the average person, as the mention of idolatry usually conjures a picture of statues and prostrated bodies. Yet, the bible writes that idols are actually in the heart. And the catch? They’re not bad things. ... Read more

Christian Book Review: In His Hands by Jason Webb
Book Reviews / May 21, 2016

The sovereignty of God is an anchor in the unforgiving thrashing of waves, a beacon of light in the dark of night. More than an abstract concept, the absolute sovereignty of God is a life-sustaining truth; a truth that Jason Webb had to embrace early in life. Cancer. Plant Explosion. Massive Auto Accident. Trial upon trial which thrust him to the feet of Jesus, leaning and depending solely on God. In his book In His Hands, Webb recounts vividly both his story of trauma and trust, of pain and his Provider, of suffering and his Savior. ... Read more

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