A Quiet Courage
Christian Living / September 14, 2017

When I think of courage, images of Navy Seals on covert missions come immediately to mind; however, the Apostle Paul wrote about a much broader and more encompassing scope of courage. ... Read more

In Barrenness or Bounty
Christian Living / September 12, 2017

Places have power, especially deeply personal places. There are certain spaces and places that evoke deep emotions for each of us.To others, a childhood home, a favorite tree or a frequented restaurant may appear to be nothing more any other house, shrub or eatery. ... Read more

The Intolerable Compliment
Christian Living / September 9, 2017

We have all received our share of painful compliments ranging from the tame “Wow, you look so much healthier than you used to” to the more potent “Where on earth did your sons get that incredible skin? They clearly did not get that from you.” ... Read more

Are We Giving God Our Best, or What’s Left
Christian Living / September 7, 2017

The last book of the Old Testament is the book of Malachi. In this book the prophet warned the people of Israel that they needed to turn back to God. Although there may not be many modern sermons from the book still is applicable to us today. Malachi teaches an important lesson in chapter one verses 6-14 on what we are giving to God. ... Read more

When Ordinary Hurts
Christian Living / September 5, 2017

I imagined a place swarming with interesting people - travelers, vagabonds, those with a past - they would all intersect here, where I was, and where they needed me. Hotels are fascinating places - a train station for people, as my friend calls them - the unassuming crucible where a thousand stories intersect. It would be the perfect job for a writer - a quiet place where I could sit back and observe the behind the scenes of a drama. ... Read more

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