This Isn’t Safe
Christian Living / October 16, 2017

“Don’t you know who is the King of the Beasts? Aslan is a lion --- the lion, the great lion.” “Ooh!” said Susan… “Is he - quite safe?” ... Read more

The Heart of Church
Christian Living / October 14, 2017

Growing up, I attended the same church for many years. Full of people who watched me mature and had seen me at my best and worst, that community became home. ... Read more

3 Godly Ways to Win and Lose
Christian Living / October 12, 2017

Whether it’s savoring a moment of successful winning or learning to bravely stomach a loss, let’s strive to have a heart attitude that rejoices with whichever one He places into our hands. ... Read more

The False Security of Morning Sickness
Family Matters / October 10, 2017

“How are you feeling?” I stared at the text message, wondering how I should respond… because, truthfully, I felt terrible. I couldn’t keep anything down and I was exhausted. Being ten-weeks pregnant while parenting three other children wasn’t the easiest thing I had done. I spent most days counting down the seconds until nap time, and then bed time, when I could flop back on the couch and just focus on resting. ... Read more

Which Jesus Do You Believe In?
Christian Living / October 6, 2017

Ever since he came to the earth in the form of a human baby, the world has wondered what to make of him. The scribes and the Pharisees, the religious elite, the ones who studied the Scriptures and should have known better than the rest of the people, rejected him. At first, some thought he might be a prophet. As their hearts were filled with hatred against Jesus, they determined he was demon-possessed. Eventually, they called him a criminal and had him executed. Even after he rose from the dead, they wouldn’t believe he was the Son of God. The Jews refused to give the answer they knew was true to the question, “Who is Jesus?” ... Read more

Heroes and the Road Ahead
Christian Living / September 28, 2017

There is something in us drawn to heroes. While the heroes we choose for ourselves will never be perfect, they can and should point us to the only Hero who is—and encourage us to press on. ... Read more

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