A Word to the Worried
Christian Living / August 14, 2017

If worrying were a field of study, I would have received an honorary doctorate by now. I have been perfecting the art of worrying as long as I can remember. I packed emergency survival kits for small outings by day and planned elaborate fire escape routes for various scenarios by night. ... Read more

Why the Way Forward is Backward
Theology / August 12, 2017

When churches get into the practices of using novelty to draw people in instead of Christ, they become counterproductive to the mission they are seeking to accomplish. So how do we guard against this? We go backward! ... Read more

The God Who Sees
Christian Living / August 8, 2017

A God who sees is terrifying. Every bitten word, every dark thought festering behind a placid smile, every cruel judgment beneath the pleasant civilities, every spark of bitter frustration and anger, every tinge of doubt and fear, every putrid seed harbored and protected in the mire of our flesh, lies naked before the throne of the all-seeing God. ... Read more

Reading Books and Why We Have to Dive
Christian Living / July 10, 2017

Surfing.  I’m a native southern Californian, so of course I’ve tried it.  But it just didn’t work out for me. Happily, my kids seem to enjoy it.  But actually we all surf everyday—in fact, often for hours a day.  It has become a habit for us to Google and then just scan things briefly to get the gist.  We have access to gazillions of resources and just hardly know where even to begin.  It’s overwhelming sometimes. ... Read more

The Value of Knowing Christ
Devotionals / July 7, 2017

In Philippians 3, Paul gives us an argument for the value of knowing Christ. Paul sacrificed a lot when he became a Christian, but he didn't care about that. In comparison to knowing Christ, his popularity, honor, and comfort were insignificant. Someone who knows Christ has a personal relationship with him and grows in that relationship through reading God's word, coming to him in prayer, and following him. ... Read more

Words are Always Necessary
Theology / July 5, 2017

"Preach the Gospel, use words when necessary." As well-intended as this axiom may be, it is flawed. Words are always necessary. And the Gospel is never preached without words. ... Read more

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