When Ordinary Hurts
Christian Living / September 5, 2017

I imagined a place swarming with interesting people - travelers, vagabonds, those with a past - they would all intersect here, where I was, and where they needed me. Hotels are fascinating places - a train station for people, as my friend calls them - the unassuming crucible where a thousand stories intersect. It would be the perfect job for a writer - a quiet place where I could sit back and observe the behind the scenes of a drama. ... Read more

On Monsters and Baseball Bats: Fighting Fear with the Word
Christian Living / August 25, 2017

Not just sometimes. No, it lives there, and nothing I do makes it go away. All day I busy myself with good things, with work and play, staying healthy and investing in my family, and for the most part, it leaves me alone. But every day as the afternoon wears on, dread grows in the back of my mind, because I know the monster is waiting for me. No matter how faithful and strong I am all day, it will still attack. ... Read more

Do We Need to Clean Up for God?
Theology / August 24, 2017

Is it true that we don't need to clean up in order to approach God? After all, he loves us, so why wouldn't he accept us as we are? Or is it just not that simple? Find out the problem with the idea of "come as you are" in today's article. ... Read more

Is Retirement Christian?
Christian Living / August 22, 2017

Many people have the goal of an easy, responsibility-free retirement after a long and profitable career. The problem is that many people do not include God’s agenda in those plans. Rather than capitalizing on this key phase of life, it is often wasted. This begs the question, ‘Is Retirement Christian?’ ... Read more

Craving a Clothesline
Christian Living / August 21, 2017

I’ve been thinking about clotheslines lately. I know that seems odd. Believe me, I love my washer and drier so much that I use them daily. They have become old friends to me. And, while I know the sun is a natural bleaching agent, I am not a big fan of crunchy clothes. So why all the recent craving for a clothesline? Allow me to explain. ... Read more

When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll
Christian Living / August 19, 2017

When sorrows and sea billows roll, we must pursue that which will outlast all that will be burned on the earth. We must devote ourselves to eternal things. We mourn with those who mourn, but we are not a people who mourn without a hope. ... Read more

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