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Christian Book Giveaways

Welcome to Top Christian Books! We’re shaped by the conviction that God uses books to change lives, both old and new. Most importantly, however, God uses the His Word to change lives.

As Charles H. Spurgeon rightly said:

Top Christian Books Giveaway Spurgeon

With 10,000 Christian books published yearly (we use ‘word Christian’ lightly here), our mission is to edify the Church and connect you to the top Christian books through book reviews, book recommendations, and book giveaways.


We’ve currently disabled the confirmation email requirement due to some bugs #DontSpamUs. Your entries will be counted as soon as you enter!

Three ways we’ve been able to fund these fun giveaways:

  1. Our generous donors and sponsors.
  2. Commissions we receive from your Amazon book purchases via TCB.
  3. Advertising fees.

We only hold book giveaways of books that align with our convictions.

If you’d like to sponsor our next giveaway, you can contact us at [email protected] Please note, we do not give away books from independent authors, sorry!



The winner of John Piper’s Collected Works is Tyler Steane! Congratulations Tyler! We’ve reached out to ya via email so we’ll give you more details there 🙂


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