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With so many Isaiah commentaries, which are the best? These Isaiah commentaries made it to our list of top books and we’ve compiled them to make it easy for you to find them. Please note that we did not write the descriptions ourselves (for our thoughts on books, check out our book reviews).

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1) Isaiah 40-66-OTL (Old Testament Library)


Isaiah 40-66-OTL (Old Testament Library)
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Top Isaiah Commentaries // #1

Claus Westermann – who was a  Professor of Old Testament at the University of Heidelberg in Germany – presents a critically acclaimed series about Isaiah for the Old Testament Library.  This series from Westminister John Knox Press gives fresh and authoritative treatments of important aspects of Old Testament via commentaries and general surveys. The authors are scholars of international standing.


2) Encountering the Book of Isaiah: A Historical and Theological Survey (Encountering Biblical Studies)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #2

Dr. Bryan E. Beyer Bryan – professor of Old Testament at Columbia International University Seminary and School of Missions – provides a comprehensive introduction to the book of Isaiah in Encountering the Book of Isaiah: A Historical and Theological Survey. Part of the Encountering Biblical Studies series, Bryan’s book is in-depth and presents the prophet’s overarching themes and complete study of the man and his work.

Designed for classroom use, each volume in the Baker Encountering the Bible series includes a bibliography, glossary of key terms, chapter objectives, chapter outlines, study questions, and focus boxes. The eight books offer the expertise of renowned biblical scholars through an engaging and down-to-earth presentation.


3) God Delivers: Isaiah Simply Explained (Welwyn Commentary Series)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #3

Derek Thomas – Associate Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology at the Reformed Theological Seminary as well as Minister of Teaching at the First Presbyterian Church in Mississippi – skillfully writes God Delivers: Isaiah Simply Explained for the Welwyn Commentary Series.  The fifty plus titles in the Welwyn Commentaries are dedicated to the practical exposition and exhortation of Scripture and designed for pastoral ministry and preaching. They combine exegesis, hermeneutics, history, and pastoral insight to meet today’s needs of pastors as they grapple with the word of God.


4) Isaiah: A Covenant to be Kept for the Sake of the Church (Focus on the Bible)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #4

The 41 volume Focus on the Bible Commentaries are written by top evangelical scholars and pastors. They are designed to be readable for ordinary Christians, reliable for in-depth study of the Bible, and relevant for daily Christian life. For each section of the Bible, these accessible commentaries summarize the passage of Scripture (including the intentions of the authors), the historical and cultural environment, and the questions and issues raised by a particular passage.

Allan Harman writes the Isaiah volume which differs from many commentaries on the Book because Harman devotes most of his energy to discovering what God is saying through his prophet, rather than what we are saying amongst ourselves.


5) Bible Students Commentary: Isaiah (Bible student’s commentary)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #5

J. Ridderbos pens a thoughtful, comprehensive 580 word commentary on Isaiah for the Bible Students Commentary series from Regency Reference Library.


6) The Message of Isaiah (Bible Speaks Today)


The Message of Isaiah (Bible Speaks Today)
List Price:$18.00
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Top Isaiah Commentaries // #6

This book is part of the Bible Speaks Today commentary series which embraces a three-prong approach to commentaries: expound the biblical text with accuracy, relate it to contemporary life and to readable. Each contributor in this series is both a noted scholar and a working pastor.


Author Barry Webb calls Isaiah the “Romans” of the Old Testament and he escorts us through his prophecy in the easy to read and highly accesible The Message of Isaiah.


7) Proverbs–Isaiah (The Expositor’s Bible Commentary)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #7

Tremper Longman III and David E. Garland present Proverbs–Isaiah in well-rounded and inclusive fashion for The Expositor’s Bible Commentary.  This series is one of the most-recognized standards of expository commentaries. Written by dozens of scholars/preachers, it is regarded as an inter-denominational exposition and a major contribution to the study and understanding of the Scriptures. Providing pastors and Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for the exposition of the Scriptures and the teaching and proclamation of their message, this work has become a staple of seminary and college libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide. Each book of the series has an exposition, introduction, outline, and bibliography.


8) A Study Commentary on Isaiah, Volume 1: Chapters 1-39 (Ep Study Commentary)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #8

John L. Mackay – a minister of the Free Church of Scotland – presents a beautiful work on Isaiah in Volume one of two in the EP Study Commentary series.

The Evangelical Press (Ep) Study Commentary is 22 volumes of the best in biblical exposition from some of the most notable evangelical Reformed scholars. This series is aimed at the minister, theologian, layman, and serious student.  While comprehensive in scope, the volumes are practical and straightforward and each author presents a careful analysis of the biblical text.

9) The Book of Isaiah (3 Vol. Set)


The Book of Isaiah (3 Vol. Set)
List Price:$100.00
You Save:$63.34
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Top Isaiah Commentaries // #9

This classic in conservative Old Testament scholarship by Edward Young was published in 1965 by Eerdmans.  It’s a three-volume, timeless commentary that concentrates primarily on the meaning of the text of Isaiah. Volume 1 covers chapters 1-18; Volume 2 looks at chapters 19-39; Volume 3 surveys chapters 40-66.


10) The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 1–39 (The New International Commentary on the Old Testament)



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #10

A hulking 759 page book on the first 39 chapters Isaiah, John N. Oswalt’s book is based on his own Hebrew translation and provides pastors, scholars, and students with a clear view of the Book in its ancient context and today.  This series serves as an authoritative guide bridging the cultural gap between today’s world and the world of ancient Israel. Each commentary opens with an introduction to the biblical book, looking especially at questions of its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. A select bibliography also points readers to resources for their own study. Each volume aims to help the reader hear God’s word as clearly as possible.



11) The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary



Top Isaiah Commentaries // #11

Alec Motyer presents a wealth of commentary and perspective in The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary.  Motyer’s focus is on the grammatical, historical, structural, literary and theological dimensions of the text and he writes with an interest in Isaiah’s meaning for Christians today. This book was the recipient of a Christianity Today 1994 Critics Choice Award and it is still easily today one of the best one-volume evangelical commentaries on Isaiah.


12) Calvins Commentaries (22 Volume Set)


Calvins Commentaries (22 Volume Set)
List Price:$240.00
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Top Isaiah Commentaries // #12

Calvin’s Commentaries are a 22 volume timeless set of texts by John Calvin. Calvin’s commentaries display a unique combination of exegetical insight, pastoral concern, and theological depth which have inspired generations of Christians. This is a massive and classic collection with over 22,000 pages in total. Features include: advanced searching by passage and topic, passage guides and reports, sermon preparation and more.



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