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With so many Numbers commentaries, which are the best? These Numbers commentaries made it to our list of top books and we’ve compiled them to make it easy for you to find them. Please note that we did not write the descriptions ourselves (for our thoughts on books, check out our book reviews).

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1) Numbers (Ep Study Commentary)


Numbers (Ep Study Commentary)
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Top Numbers Commentaries // #1

The book of Numbers tells the story of the events occurring in the years between the nation of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and their entrance into the Promised Land. Dr. John Currid – Professor of Old Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi –  shows how the book of Numbers also demonstrates God’s faithfulness in fulfilling his promises in Numbers.  Part of the Ep Study Commentary, Currid’s writing is concise, insightful and maintains a scholarly bent. It’s an excellent resource as a study and teaching aid for the book of Numbers.

Numbers (Ep Study Commentary)


2) Numbers: God’s Presence in the Wilderness (Preaching the Word)



Top Numbers Commentaries // #2

Just like the Israelites in Numbers, Christians today are in the midst of a journey between events of deepest significance. In Numbers: God’s Presence in the Wilderness Author Iain Duguid, PhD aids both pastors and laypeople on this modern day journey by explaining the the biblical text (especially its less obvious portions) and communicating the lasting message of God’s devotion to his fathers. Duguid is professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary and the pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Glenside, Pennsylvania.  His volume on Numbers is part of the Preaching the Word series.

Numbers: God’s Presence in the Wilderness (Preaching the Word)


3) The Message of Numbers: Journey to the Promised Land (Bible Speaks Today)



Top Numbers Commentaries // #3

Considered one of the  “lost” books of the Bible because it is neglected by many modern day Christians, author Raymond Brown shows why this is so wrong. Brown (formerly principal of Spurgeon’s College in London, England) shows the careful design and message of Numbers. He also shows how God timelessly provides for the basic needs of life: love, freedom and certainty.  Overall, in The Message of Numbers: Journey to the Promised Land Brown highlights the rich theological themes of Numbers, highlights its meaning for today’s readers and shows its constant relevance for God’s people.

The Message of Numbers: Journey to the Promised Land (Bible Speaks Today)


4) Leviticus, Numbers (The NIV Application Commentary)



Top Numbers Commentaries // #4

By Roy Gane, PhD – a professor of Hebrew Bible and ancient near eastern languages at the Theological Seminary of Andrews University – this volume is all seriousness. It cuts to the chase, bringing this ancient and powerful Word of God into today’s time so that it can he heard and believed with all the freshness and necessity of a new day. Gane works through the book passage by passage and eloquently and soundly demonstrates the timeless relevance of Leviticus. Insight into how the Israelite’s story of covenant experience with God becomes our story today Leviticus and Numbers tell of an epic journey to freedom, while illuminating and challenging modern conceptions of God. Vivid imagery of rituals, laws addressing tough issues, and narratives ranging from exultant to gut-wrenching show what it means to interact with the Lord and how to live according to his holy principles as part of a redeemed community of faith.

Leviticus, Numbers (The NIV Application Commentary)


5) Calvins Commentaries (22 Volume Set)


Calvins Commentaries (22 Volume Set)
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Top Numbers Commentaries // #5

The Calvins Commentaries are a 22 volume classic commentary set on the Old and New Testaments that are complete and unabridged. Written in a clear, lucid style, each volume provides profound reverence for the Bible with a rare objectivity in its exegesis. They are translated from the original Latin and compared with the French edition. A beautiful, thorough and must have set if you want a great understanding of scripture.

Calvins Commentaries (22 Volume Set)


6) The JPS Torah Commentary: Numbers (English and Hebrew Edition)


Top Numbers Commentaries // #6


Rabbi Jacob Milgrom pens the Numbers volume of The JPS Torah Commentary – a series that guides readers through the words and ideas of the Torah. A scholar who is the epicenter of his field, writes each volume. Geared towards the English reader and very detailed, each book has traditional Hebrew text (with cantillation notes) the JPS translation of the Holy Scriptures, aliyot breaks, Masoretic notes, and commentary by a distinguished Hebrew Bible scholar. Each volume also contains extra essays that elaborate upon key words and themes, a glossary of commentators and sources, extensive bibliographic notes, and maps. An excellent addition to anyone doing an open study of Numbers.

The JPS Torah Commentary: Numbers (English and Hebrew Edition)


7) Numbers: An Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture



Top Numbers Commentaries // #7

Dennis R. Cole is the primary author of Numbers: An Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture from The New American Commentary. Highly regarded as a go-to for the minister or Bible student who wants to understand and expound their understanding of the Scriptures, this series is readable and scholarly simultaneously. Key features include: commentary based on the new international version, sound scholarly methodology that reflects research in the original languages, NIV text printed in the body of the commentary, interpretation emphasizing the theological unity of each book, and readable and applicable exposition.

Numbers: An Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture


8) The Book of Numbers (New International Commentary on the Old Testament)



Top Numbers Commentaries // #8

A writer who is both scholarly and easy to read, Timothy R. Ashley – minister of First Baptist Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin – pens The Book of Numbers for the New International Commentary on the Old Testament Series. This series serves as an authoritative guide bridging the cultural gap between today’s world and the world of ancient Israel. Each commentary opens with an introduction to the biblical book, looking especially at questions of its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. A select bibliography also points readers to resources fore their own study. Each volume aims to help the reader hear God’s word as clearly as possible.

Ashley’s introduction to Numbers discusses questions topics like structure, authorship, and theological themes. He divides the text of Numbers into five major sections and his detailed verse-by-verse comments explain the Hebrew text of Numbers as we have it rather than to speculate on how the book came to be in its present form.

The Book of Numbers (New International Commentary on the Old Testament)


9) Numbers (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)


Numbers (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
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Top Numbers Commentaries // #9

The premier shorter-length commentary series throughout the English-speaking, the Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries presents Numbers by Gordon J. Wenham. Wenham – a lecturer in Old Testament at Trinity College, Bristol – bridges the great gulf between the book and our age.  He begins by explaining first the background of Numbers, discussing its structure, sources, date and authorship as well as its theology and Christian use. Wenham’s passage-by-passage analysis follows.

The introduction to each Tyndale volume gives a concise but thorough description of the authorship, date and historical background of the biblical book under consideration. Tyndale commentary itself examines the text section by section, drawing out its main themes. Additionally, it comments on individual verses and deals with problems of interpretation. The original, unrevised text of Genesis has been completely retypeset and printed in a larger, more attractive format with the beautiful new cover design for the series.

Numbers (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)





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